Ocado Contact Number: 0345 656 1234

You can contact Ocado on the phone number of their customer service department 0345 656 1234 if you have had a problem with an online grocery order, would like to cancel a Smart Pass subscription or wish to ask how to redeem a First Shop discount code.


Ocado Customer Services – 0345 656 1234

You should phone Ocado on the contact number 0345 656 1234 of their customer service department if there has been a problem with a recent online shop. For instance, if you have missed a delivery then you should use this number to book a redelivery, bearing in mind that there is no guarantee a driver can return with your shopping on the same day. If you are unhappy with any replacement or missing items from your online shop, you can register a complaint when speaking to an Ocado customer service advisor. You can therefore use this line to discuss Ocado’s returns process and how long it will take for a refund to enter your bank account once it has been issued.

You may also have enquiries about an Ocado Smart Pass and should use this number to ask which brands of groceries are discounted under the scheme. Alternatively, if you wish to cancel your Smart Pass before it is set to automatically renew and payment is taken from your account. You may also have enquiries regarding how to ‘import your favourites’, a service that allows new Ocado customers to transfer any commonly bought items when using a rival supermarket’s online shopping facilities. In addition, first-time customers can ask how to redeem a first shop discount, offering £20 off of the total cost of their order. However, it is also worth asking Ocado whether there are further promo codes available to existing customers.


How Much Your Call Will Cost

Contact numbers that start with the ’03’ prefix will cost the same per-minute rate as any other local call made from a UK landline or mobile phone. However, Ocado customer services may be free to contact if your landline deal includes free calls to local rate numbers or if your mobile tariff is bundled with inclusive free minutes. You will be able to call Ocado 7 days a week, as their telephone lines are open from 5:30am-12am, Monday to Sunday.


Email Ocado Customer Services

If you are unable to get through to Ocado over the phone, there is the option of making your enquiries via email, whether you have questions about a product or would simply like to report a problem with a recent delivery: ocado@ocado.com.