Holmfirth Auction & Market Contact Number: 01484 683 652

Phone the Holmfirth Attested Auction on their general enquiries number 01484 683 652 to contact a representative with questions about buying and selling livestock as well as to ask for a layout of the rooms at the market.


About the Market

Holmfirth Attested Auction Market was established in 1951 by a group of local farmers in order to buy and sell dairy cattle in a used mill. Now, the market is still operating from a large site on the edge of the Peak District National Park, easily accessible from Yorkshire, Cheshire and Lancashire. The market sells around 20000 head of stock annually, and a popular auction takes place each Tuesday at 12 noon where visitors can buy and sell cattle and lamb.


General Enquiries – 01484 683 652

Call the Holmfirth Attested Auction on their general enquiries telephone number 01484 683 652 for information about the days that the livestock market takes place. Furthermore, callers can ask for directions both to the Holmfirth market and to a specific room selling a specific type of animal. You can also get in touch to ask how long the Tuesday auction takes place so that you can plan your return journey home. Alternatively, you can use this number to discuss the average cost of an animal, whether a cattle or a horse, before planning how much to spend at both the market and auction. If you are looking to sell in the livestock auction then you may wish to ask for advice on how to fill out the Holmfirth market entry forms but you will have to send off separate documents in order to sell both cattle and sheep.

There are also ‘fur and feather’ auctions held every Thursday at 6pm which involve the sale of poultry, rabbits and guinea pigs to the highest bidder. However, buyers can also purchase large volumes of eggs and plants for wholesale or personal use. Similarly, sellers will have to complete admission forms as any person trading on the Holmfirth grounds or in the car park without thee appropriate licence details will be asked to leave the premises. If you have purchased any livestock or poultry from the market and would like to report a seller who has mis-sold you produce then you can also register a complaint on this number. Finally, it is advised to get in touch to discuss opening times or the parking facilities available at the Holmfirth venue.


Information about Call Costs

The Holmfirth Attested Auction Market runs a 01 contact number meaning that callers will only be liable to pay the standard per-minute charge for a UK local call when getting in touch. However, if your service provider has offered any inclusive free minutes as part of your tariff deal then your phone call may be completely free of charge.


Email Holmfirth

If you have been unable to get in touch on the above contact number then you may consider sending an email to the Holmfirth Market holmfirth@auctionmarts.com address before a member of the team is able to reply to your enquiry.


Visit the Market

Anyone who would like to drive to the market, either with livestock to sell or as a buyer, should take note of their full address and postcode to use in their car’s SatNav or phone’s maps tool: Holmfirth Attested Auction Market, Riverside, Woodhead Road, Holmfirth, HD9 2PR, United Kingdom.